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Monday Summary - 4 November 2019

  • KGI
  • 4 November 2019

To Watch: AEM Hldgs, China Sunsine Chemical and Next opportunities within Temasek’s portfolio / Natural Gas / AEM Hldgs / CapitaLand Retail China Trust / Eagle Hospitality Trust / Sheng Siong Grp


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KGI Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was formerly known as AmFraser Securities Pte Ltd, and was fully acquired by KGI Securities (Taiwan) on January 31, 2015. AmFraser, established in 1873 by John Fraser, a co-founder of Fraser & Neave, was a pioneer in Singapore’s stockbroking industry and was bestowed with the member number “001” from SGX. Through the acquisition, KGI Securities (Singapore) is now licensed in a broad range of services, comprising dealing in securities (and a clearing member of SGX-ST), corporate finance advisory services, securities financing and the provision of custodial services.

Earlier in 2014, KGI Securities (Taiwan) acquired Ong First Tradition Pte Ltd and renamed it “KGI Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.”, which provides a comprehensive suite of futures, options, derivatives and FX products and services.

By leveraging the support and resources of KGI Securities, KGI Securities (Singapore) will benefit from its talents, products, and technologies. In addition to local products, KGI Securities (Singapore) will be able to provide clients with investment opportunities in greater China, the home market of KGI Securities. The integration and continued development of the securities dealing capabilities of KGI Securities ensures that KGI Securities (Singapore) will remain in the forefront of this dynamic industry.

Providing advanced wide-ranging electronic solutions for clients, including the continuous evolution of internet trading capabilities, is one of the key strategies of KGI Securities.

KGI Singapore, comprising KGI Securities (Singapore) and KGI Futures (Singapore), strengthens the group’s regional advantage in this area and ensures that clients enjoy a complete line of equities trading, futures and FX product offerings. With the new additions in Singapore, KGI Securities serves as a one-stop shop by leveraging cross-selling synergies to enable clients to further diversify their investment and wealth-management portfolios.

With the synergies derived from integration with KGI Securities, KGI Singapore’s operating scope will expand. KGI Securities (Singapore) will capture the growing needs of investors throughout the Southeast Asian market. KGI Securities (Singapore)’s goal, to be a comprehensive financial service provider and wealth manager in Singapore, will be accelerated with abundant support, revitalized momentum and reshaped vision.